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“Bill Brown is an outstanding, experienced speaker who has the unique ability to bring his expertise to others through personal and effective coaching. I am convinced he can help anyone become a better speaker and presenter with his total commitment to the craft of public speaking.”

R. Swineford, Sales & Service Consultant, Madden Corporation

“Bill Brown is one of a kind. Passion and expertise combine to make Bill a unique force, capable of helping anyone improve their presentation and speaking skills. … Engage Bill’s services and you’ll not regret it. Bill is a winner and great individual. Thank you for your great service Bill.”

K. Graham, Author & Speaker

“Bill is an incredible and professional speaker and emcee!”

C. Miller, Owner at ADirections

“Bill has the unique ability of not only listening to the words you choose and helping you to choose the best ones for delivering YOUR message, but also to examine in great detail, your style of delivery, including details such as your voice and body. In my years of speaking, I’ve never met anyone like Bill.

Destined to become one of the best speech evaluators of all time in our Toastmasters family, Bill takes into consideration ‘how’ you say it. I’ve never received such wisdom in my journey to become a world class speaker. 

If YOU are looking to take YOUR speaking to a higher level and are REALLY serious about becoming a better communicator and public speaker, contact Bill Brown. His unique and uncanny scrutiny will be YOUR secret weapon that you can use to become the best speaker you can be. With Bill’s experience and guidance, YOU will be the effective, powerful speaker that people will never forget.”

R. Boaler

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