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That’s what you want, but how do you get there? How do you move from where you are to where you want to be?

Bill Brown has gone through the transformation from a stiff engineer to a dynamic, on-air and on-stage personality. Through his speaking skills programs, he can help you—and your organization—transition, too! His engineering mind has enabled him to examine and understand the process of speech delivery. His communication side enables him to explain it in everyday language.

Bill's Most Requested Programs

Bill’s presentation skills training programs are tailored to fit your outcomes, and are available as keynotes, breakout sessionsand workshops. Bill is also happy to provide customized on-site training sessions for your organization!

Sounding Like a Leader

Focus Areas: Speech Delivery, Speaking & Presentation Skills, Professional Growth, Leadership Development

If you work for a company, not only do you want to succeed in your existing job, you want to be considered for that upcoming promotion. You want management to say, “this is a true leader.” If you are in sales or are a solopreneur, you want your customers to think, “this person is a leader in their field.”

You want to stand out.

Your interface with your management or your customers is most evident when you are making a presentation. That’s why your presentation skills are so critical to your success.

All too often, however, we learn our speaking skills from our coworkers. Each company or organization has its own style that everyone copies. And, as a result, everyone sounds alike. This is fine if the standard is strong, but most of the time it is not. And worse yet, you sound like everybody else.

This presentation is designed to help you stand out in a crowd—whether that is within your company or among your competitors. It is perfect for association chapter meetings.

Core Content Includes:

How do you assess you own speaking style?
Does it sound like that of a leader?
What does a leader sound like?
Basic principles of Speech Delivery that can move you to the next level—in your speaking ability, in your job performance, and in the corporate organization chart

The Path to Dynamic Delivery

Focus Areas: Speech Delivery, Speaking & Presentation Skills, Vocal Expressiveness & Impact

You can have an incredible business plan, but if you can’t communicate it to potential investors, you have nothing.

You can have an effective marketing or organizational strategy, but if you can’t persuade your management team to move forward, you are nowhere.

You can have a strong department or organization, but if you can’t train or motivate your team without putting them to sleep, you might as well try herding cats.

You can have a great contest speech, but without effective delivery, you will be left holding the small trophy.

Delivery makes the difference. With the right skills, you can motivate your audience, you can persuade them, you can inspire them.

You’ve got great content. Deliver it with impact.

Core Content Includes:

Examples of dynamic delivery, and how it can be used to convey your message
Personal Assessment Techniques, to determine what you do well and where you can improve
The Basic Principles of Speech Delivery, setting the foundation for a more expressive style
Techniques to enhance and expand your expression, adding a whole new dimension to your message

Speaking Style Transformation

Focus Areas: Speech Delivery, Speaking & Presentation Skills, Expressiveness, Vocal Variety

What do you want to accomplish with your speeches and presentations? Do you want to persuade your audience? Do you want to motivate them? Inspire them? Captivate them?

That involves more than the words that you say. It takes an effective presentation style to move your audience.

In this dynamic, interactive workshop, you will not only learn about speaking style, you will be guided through the steps, with personal feedback on your own performance and development.

Core Content Includes:

Removing the mental blocks that keep you from being a more dynamic speaker
Raising your energy level
Adding more expressiveness to your words
Emphasizing the right words
Enunciating all key words
Employing The Nine Dimensions of Vocal Variety

The 9 Dimensions of Vocal Variety

Focus Areas: Speech Delivery, Expressiveness & Impact, Vocal Variety

Vocal Variety is one of those qualities that every speaker thinks that they have, but very few do.

Audiences respond to your message not only by what you say, but also by how you say it. They are persuaded, motivated, and inspired through an emotional connection. And that is achieved largely by your delivery. Is your delivery enhancing your effectiveness as a speaker? Or is it holding you back?

Do you have effective vocal variety? Are you using it to its fullest extent?

Vocal Variety is best understood and applied when you examine each technique separately. Once you understand each dimension, you understand what is possible. You understand how you can take your delivery to the next level.

You already have great content. This presentation will show you how to bring your delivery up to that same level.

Core Content Includes:

Basic Principles of Speech Delivery
Character Voices
Tonal Quality

Reading a Prepared Text

Focus Areas: Text Reading, Speech Reading, Expressiveness & Impact

A business or political leader is reading a speech. A pastor is reading scripture during a sermon. A professional speaker is reading a segment from a book as part of their keynote. But all too often, this reading sounds flat, suggesting that the speaker is bored with the message.

In this dynamic, interactive workshop, you will learn how to prepare and present a scripted speech or reading so that it conveys the meaning, the passion, and the impact that initially moved you.

You chose those words for a reason. This workshop will help you bring them to life.

Core Content Includes:

The Art of Emphasis
How to Mark Up a Text
Personal Practice and Feedback

“Bill is an incredible and professional speaker and emcee!”

C. Miller, Owner at ADirections

“Bill Brown is one of a kind. Passion and expertise combine to make Bill a unique force, capable of helping anyone improve their presentation and speaking skills. … Engage Bill’s services and you’ll not regret it.”

K. Graham, Author & Speaker

“I am convinced he can help anyone become a better speaker and presenter with his total commitment to the craft of public speaking.”

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