Public Workshops & Webinars

Do you want to…

… develop solid foundational speaking skills?

… grow in your company by delivering speeches and
giving presentations with confidence?

… be more persuasive, influential, and motivational as a leader
when you speak?

…be more expressive, engaging, and memorable as a
public speaker?

Bill Brown has a presentation skills workshop or
webinar for that!

You want to be a better speaker. You know that it will help you get ahead—in your job, in your career, in your personal life. But how do you do that?

These fun, interactive programs can help you become a more dynamic, effective speaker.

In Bill’s diverse career, he has gone from a stiff engineer to a dynamic on-stage personality. His engineering mind has enabled him to examine and understand the process of speech delivery. His communication side has enabled him to explain it in everyday language. And he has learned how to have fun in the process.

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